Advisory Board

George Bellenger                     Chairman
Concept designer, Race boat loading essentials, Race rules

Carla Bellenger                      Organizer
Concept designer, Event’s Co-Coordinator, Data Collection

Joe Weatherby                        Organizer
Concept designer, Relationship management, Event production

Jen Starr                                Organizer
Web Design, Database Management,  Relationship management

Pat Croce                                   General Media
Concept coordinator, Coverage, Branding, Stateside legal, Insurance

Rob O’Neal                              Participant Services in Cuba
Veteran Cuba hand, Accommodation, transport, meals in Cuba

Julie Brown                               Participant Services in Key West
Accommodation in Key West for visiting teams, media

Sean Morley and Mike Bullock         Safety Advisors
TowBoat US local franchisee, towing and salvage expert, Law enforcement liaison

Jordan Smith                           Communications Advisor
Owner Key West Broadband, Communications Expert, Electronics technician

Not yet named                              Translation