Participant Info

Cellular Communications

We have received feedback that to communicate via cell in Cuba, you will need a Samsung Galaxy 3S or 4S AT&T UNLOCKED cell phone.  In Cuba, you will then need to purchase a SIM card and phone card w/ minutes.

Marina Hemmingway Fees

  • The dockage at Hemingway Marina depends on the length of the boat
      Less than 45 feet 0.70 CUC
      from 45 to 74 feet 1.00 CUC
      From 75 to 90 feet 1.80 CUC
      Larger than 90 feet 2.50 CUC

      Other Marinas Services:

      Water 0.06 CUC/GAL
      Electricity 0.35 CUC/KW
      Aid to vessels 120.00 CUC/Hour
      Cruising Permit 55.00 CUC
      Visa 75.00 CUC
  • Marina Hemingway allow boats until 72 meters length and 4.3 meters darft.
  • All the crew members must have their Passports updated. The owner or captain of the boat must have the documents of the boat


  • Firearms are discouraged.
  • The first thing you must do when approaching a PoE (roughly 12 nm) is to make contact via VHF—you may need to be much closer to shore as officials are often using hand-held radios. The harbormaster will most likely respond in English and give you all the pertinent information for entering their port—buoyage, depth, courses, where to tie etc. After your vessel is secured the officials will come aboard. Everyone on your vessel must have a valid passport.
  • Vessel and passengers must clear customs. Expect to spend a minimum of 2 or 3 hours—much longer if you have firearms.  You should expect anywhere from two people to a dozen including drug sniffing dogs in the larger ports. It is recommended that a member of the crew accompany any official who searches your boat.
  • Tourist visas are issued upon arrival. In 2015, the fee for a visa was $25 Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC) per person.
  • Health insurance is now needed for anyone travelling to Cuba. Visitors arriving from a country that provides national health coverage (Canada, Europe etc.) do not need to buy Cuban medical insurance. U.S. citizens are required to buy Cuban medical insurance. Expect to pay $3CUC/day per person. The total (based on the number of people and the number of days in the country) will be added to the marina bill at your port of entry.


  • We suggest taking clean $20 & $100 bills; don’t rely on credit cards
  • While in Cuba, always let someone know where you are headed with some kind of time frame. Taxis are always at the gate to the Marina, make a deal for $50-$60 and you may have a driver for the day if needed.
  • USA travelers: Don’t forget to subtract an additional 10% for the surcharge that Cuba charges against your USD – it’s the only foreign currency that gets hit with this additional fee. This means $100 USD always equals 87 CUC.